What is a Halong Bay Budget Cruise?

For travellers with time or budget constraints when coming to Halong Bay Vietnam, our range of Halong Bay budget cruises comprises of quick but comprehensive tours of the bay using a 3-star service. The following cruises specialise in a good balance between relaxation and adventure on board a comfortable vessel with good quality amenities.
Halong Bay’s budget cruises offer similar itineraries to those of the Halong bay budget cruises, with a little more emphasis on the excursions. Kayaking and swimming are promoted and quick stops to islands and caves are the norm. With so much to see in Halong Bay, these activity-packed itineraries are a good way to soak up as much of Halong Bay as possible in the time that you have available. Any sections of the itinerary that don’t particularly rouse your interest can be skipped in favour of unwinding in your cabin or on the sundeck.

Is Halong Bay Budget Cruise good enough ?

Indeed, the cabins on Halong Bay budget cruises are all of a good quality, providing wide, comfortable beds and large windows in a room with minimal additional flare. Bathrooms are sleek and clean, while dining rooms are ideal places to indulge in a well-crafted dinner in the dark romance of a Halong Bay evening. Communal areas like the bar and the sundeck are open and inviting, offering many chances throughout the day and evening to socialise or take some time to yourself.
Staffs are all well-trained and friendly, delighting in the opportunity to speak to guests and making a lasting connection. The security of passengers is of top priority for these cruises and all staff are educated in every safety feature of the ship and what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Who is a Halong Bay Budget Cruise for ?

Who is a Halong Bay Budget Cruise for and what is your expectation ?

For guests in Vietnam with money or time constraints.
For guests wanting to engage in a wide-range of optional activities over a short space of time in order to get the most out of Halong Bay.
For guests looking to socialise with fellow passengers and the crew; communal space is championed on these cruises but private time is respected too.
Vietnam Village Travel is proud to present the following budget cruises of Halong Bay.

What do you expect in a Halong Bay Budget Cruise ?

Who is a Halong Bay Budget Cruise for and what is your expectation ?

– Kayaking and swimming in Halong Bay

_ Visiting Halong Bay Pearl Farm

_ Visit one of the most beautiful cave in Halong Bay – Sung Sot Cave ( Surprising Cave or Amazing Cave )

– Hiking to the best viewpoint of Halong Bay – Titop Island – TiTop Beach

– Enjoy the most amazing seascape in Halong Bay – The World Heritage – One of the New 7 Natural Wonder of the World ….

Halong Bay Budget Cruise recommendation

With the plenty of Halong Bay budget cruise lines, Travelers on a tight budget will be pleased to know about the very large option they have to choose from. Cruising Halong Bay without any hassle about paying extra, with cruises costing as little as $70 per day per person. Some travelers are left wondering forever how they can see so much with so little. Halong Bay Budget Cruises listed on our website are carefully selected because we never wish to compromise quality and safety for money. We know that there are many more options but those on our site has passed detailed review before being presented here for you: please rest assured that they are all good options to take. Among the cruise trips in budget line are Cozy Bay Cruise & Cozy Bay Classic Cruise or Phoenix Cruise. While the first is known for being friendly, the second is especially suited for group of friends who would like to sail out on sea and have fun. If your budget is short, please contact Vietnam Village Travel for last minute deal which we always have ready for you!

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