North Vietnam Tours

Surrounded by China to the north, Laos to the west and the South China Sea to the East, Northern Vietnam contains the capital of the country, Hanoi, as well as some of the nation’s most famous sights, like the otherworldly Ha Long Bay, the valleys and terraced rice paddies of Sa Pa, and the soaring mountains of Ha Giang.
In modern times, the most defining events are of course the Indochina wars against France and the United States. While most of the battles took place further south, the North was heavily bombed during the wars, but you would never guess it by visiting the now bustling and thriving region.
The people here are friendly and open, eager for you to discover the natural and cultural wonders of their country.
Mercifully cooler than the South, Northern Vietnam sports four distinct seasons, including a relatively cold winter, with temperatures in Hanoi occasionally getting close to freezing during the coldest part of the year, and the mountains in the northern reaches occasionally receiving snowfall.
The region is ethnically and culturally diverse, with significant populations of Tai-Kadai and Hmong-Mien ethnic groups in the northern mountains and hills, complementing the ethnically Vietnamese majority. The focal point of Northern Vietnam, Hanoi, feels incredibly authentic, with relatively little western influence compared to other cities in South East Asia.