vietnam family tours

Vietnam family holidays are specially designed and operated by Vietnam Village Travel, one of the best tour companies of Vietnam vacation packages. The perfect combination of discovery, learning, and enjoyment will be treasured memories for the whole members on family trips to Vietnam. Our Vietnam family holiday packages cover a wide range of cultures, history, and tradition at all must-see attractions along the country. Your children will have a wonderful chance to gain a deeper understanding of 4000-year-old land hidden ancient inside ancient constructions as well as interesting customs while you and your while can enjoy the luxury Vietnam family tours on romantic beaches, at state-of-the-art cruises, and through mouth-watering local cuisine. A ton of fantastic activities at World Heritage Sites and other attractions in Vietnam are the spotlights during the travel of your lifetime.
Moreover, Vietnam family tours are not blocked by the Vietnamese boundary but expand to its neighbor, mighty Cambodia. Our Cambodia and Vietnam family tours select the best essences from these two countries to bring you closer to two of the most gorgeous civilizations in the past.
Tell us your family’s unique travel interests based on our recommended travel packages so that we can help you create your unforgettable Vietnam family holidays.

Features of Vietnam Family Tours:
Travel Style: Vietnam Family Vacations
Age: Trips built for adventurers of all ages
Service Level: Always upgraded
Quality accommodations and more inclusions than on other Vietnam Village Travel’s packages, like meals, private transportations, and activities.
Physical Rating: Light cycling, walking, and hiking, as well as all activities, are suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.
Trip Type: Family, Big & Small Groups of Family
Age Requirement: All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Here below are considered as the Best Vietnam Family Holidays 2019 – 2020

Best places in Vietnam for family package tours

Vietnam is one of the best destinations in Asia that can offer travelers an amazing range of adventures and relaxing moments to satisfy a family with members of different ages, interests, and tastes. Consider the list of the best attractions to enjoy on your Vietnam family tours.


From North to South, Sapa is the first and foremost place that worth your visit in all Vietnam family packages. It is a peaceful mountainous area and a home to many ethnic minority groups working on amazing rice terraces. Your family will be absolutely enchanted by the majestic Fansipan mountain, the rooftop of Indochina, but easily conquered by the cable car.

Besides, your Vietnam family adventure holidays in Sapa will take you to local villages scattered on hills inside immense forests and besides yellow rice terraces. Spend a day living like the locals in stilt houses, tasting their unique specialties, strolling around the surrounding areas to behold the scenic beauties will completely leave your family unbelievable memories.


No better places for your family trips to Vietnam to discover the diversity of Vietnam tradition and cultures than the 1000-year-old capital, Hanoi. The unique cultures and history of Vietnam are clearly on display inside the city through the Old Quarter of Hanoi still retaining a wonderful sense of timeless grace and much of its population continues to observe the century-old customs and traditions. The Water Puppet shows with the art of puppet performances on the water most of the scenes taking place in rural settings with rice paddies, fishponds, bamboo thickets, banyan trees, wells, and of course the village temple, in addition, are the specific example of many exciting activities in Hanoi that your family and enjoy together.

The vibrant street-life and excellent Vietnamese cuisine will impress your family when exploring the bustling street markets, seeing food vendors prepare the local dishes and tasting many different wonderful street foods. Many of the old temples in Hanoi the great museums also give the family an opportunity to travel back to the epic history of ancient Vietnam. Undoubtedly, Hanoi is a diverse city for everyone to discover on Vietnam Family Tours.

Halong Bay

The most famous destination in Vietnam is Halong Bay and a cruise through the thousands of limestone karst is a must-do for every tourist travel to Vietnam. Your family holidays in Vietnam would not be completed without a stay overnight on a traditional junk in Halong Bay where you can explore caves, kayaking, swimming in the crystal blue waters and enjoy fresh seafood.

Wake up on junk, take part in the morning Tai-Chi and watch the sun rising over the karsts in Halong Bay are images that will travel with the whole family forever. An organized tour by the local tour operator like Viet Vision Travel is really a spectacular way to experience Vietnam with your family.

Ninh Binh

Though Ninh Binh is not as famous, touristy as Hoi An, Sapa or Nha Trang, splendid Trang An Grottoes, spectacular sightseeing Tam Coc and preserving Cuc Phuong National Park help the town not be outperformed by those places of attractions. Ninh Binh may be a wise choice for family vacations in Vietnam to take out the most pleasant of enjoying the scenic view of limestone caves, natural stone sculptures while taking a leisurely hand-rowed boat trip down the opaque turquoise river.

On top of that, the largest Buddhist temple in Vietnam – Bai Dinh Temple where worships the God of Nature, God of Mountain and the Transcendent is located 15 km from the Ninh Binh city center. Admiring the temple’s splendor or coming across the mysterious, secluded atmosphere is also an interesting experience that Ninh Binh can deliver.

Quang Binh

Quang Binh impresses tourists not only stunning sandy beaches but also by Dong Hoi temple, an invincible fortress in shape of a star, constructed by Minh Mang Emperor with the aim of protecting Hue capital. Now, there is no more war in Vietnam, but Dong Hoi stand nicely as a witness to the bravery of Vietnamese in old times.

But, above all, Phong Nha cave is the most treasury place of Quang Binh, with the longest grotto in Asia, and plenty of spectacular caves to visit. Your family surely will be interested in exploring the stunning limestone caves which are dubbed “ Halong Bay on land”. Moreover, Van La tunnel, which people established in 1966 to avoid American bomb, is a worthy area to pay a visit as well.


This ancient city is well-suited for the Vietnam family holidays. The diversity of historical relics, extraordinary nature, and friendly local people make it fun for all ages. From the magnificent Hue Imperial City to the sacred Thien Mu Pagoda, from dragon boat trips on mesmerizing Perfume River to the rustic sceneries of Thuy Bieu village, Hue will bring for your family wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a family-friendly ancient town that still retains many remnants of its old days as a trading port. The bustling town and its beautiful surrounding countryside offer wonderful traveling experience for all tourists from friendly people, incredible food, and ancient culture. When it comes to traditional food, Hoi An can be a great place for a foodie family looking for a little adventure. Your family can choose from European or Vietnamese restaurants offering amazing freshly cooked dishes or even the street food stalls of Hoi An can serve the best traditional food. Just walk around the old town and enjoy the traditional food with the locals.

Cooking classes are also an exciting thing to do with the family in Hoi An, you will be escorted to the local wet market by a chef and learn about the using of herbs and spices in Vietnam cooking method, buy the fresh ingredients then back to the kitchen to prepare your own Vietnam traditional dishes. It can be great fun for the family to spend Vietnam family holiday exploring this ancient town.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon is a place that can’t be struck off any list of top visited places for the Vietnam family vacations. Remnants and historic landmarks of the old Saigon are still visible while the modern lifestyle and newly – built skyscrapers are making a dramatic change to this largest city in Vietnam. This vibrant city offers a great adventure for the whole family, primarily at its street level, as there is always something for you to discover around the next corner. Join a Vespa scooter tour around Saigon or a little explore the untold stories behind its local life on the backstreet can help all of your family members immerse into the city life.

A visit to this young bustling city on the Vietnam customized holidays is not recognized perfect without experiencing its nightlife and street food. Your family will fall in love with the bustle and hustle of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mekong Delta

The rich and lush delta covered with rice fields and fish farms that yield a sizeable surplus to feed the whole country give Mekong Delta the nickname “The rice basket of Vietnam”. Moreover, do you know that Mekong River is the 11th largest river on earth? Traveling to Mekong Delta is a must-do to ensure such a memorable experience for a Vietnam family holiday packages. A tour of a traditional wooden boat navigating through the rivers and canals of Mekong Delta will show you all the secrets that the Mekong has to offer.

Friendly locals working on the life-sustaining river, vendors grinning behind stacks of fruit on their sampans, kids riding on the backs of water buffaloes, green rice paddies shine under the sun, etc. The undimmed Mekong Delta family holiday can offer tons of great moments and adventure that you want to include on your family tour in Vietnam.